Laguna Water Starts to Clean Septic Tanks in Laguna

Laguna Water started its desludging service last September 22 in Town and Country in Binan, Laguna

Laguna Water has started its Tamang Sanitasyon Equals Kalusugan, Kalinisan, at Kaunlaran ng Bayan (TSEK ng Bayan) services, which includes environmental services, such as sewage management, desludging, collection, transport and treatment of septage (used water), last September 22.

As an existing water service provider in Laguna, Laguna Water responded to the call for proper used water management and launched the TSEK ng Bayan services in April this year. 

Untreated used water is one of the leading causes of pollution in Laguna Lake, affecting productivity, health, and tourism of the Province. To help address this concern, Laguna Water has started providing desludging services to its customers and non-customers. The company has laid out a five-year desludging schedule to ensure that all its customers will be able to avail of the said service.

The collected septage will be brought to the company’s LTI Sewage and Septage Treatment Plant (LTI SSTP, where it will undergo a tedious treatment process before it will be discharged to a natural body of water. The LTI SSTP can treat 7 million liters of used water discharged by locators in Laguna Technopark, one of the leading industrial zones in the Philippines with around 200 companies. The said plant has been upgraded to have an additional treatment capacity of 70 cubic meters of used water from different communities in Laguna.

“Used water has been neglected for years but we have seen how damaging it is if we continue neglecting it. Best example is what happened in Boracay. We don’t want it to happen in Laguna, hence, our TSEK ng Bayan services,” said Laguna Water General Manager and COO Shoebe Hazel Caong. She furthered that effective and proper sanitation can be achieved with the collaborative effort of the government, the water and used water services provider, and the people. 

Regular desludging of septic tank is one’s responsibility and share in managing the pollution that humans produce, to prevent damage to the environment and to human health.

Committed to touch more lives and to positively transform communities, Laguna Water, through its water and used water services, is the Province of Laguna’s partner in the achievement of sustainable growth and development.

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