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Bill Information

Know the different parts of your bill.

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Payment Facilities

Always bring your Statement of Account when paying your bills. In the absence of your SOA, make sure that you know your correct Contract Account Number (CAN) to avoid inconvenience.

For check payments, make sure that the payment is payable to “Laguna AAAWAter Corp.” Kindly indicate your Contract Account Number (CAN), name, address and telephone number at the back of the check.

You may pay your bills through any of the following payment channels:

Over-the-Counter Accredited Payment Centers

Over-the-Counter Bank Payment / Automated Teller Machine (ATM) / Online Banking



Water Service Connections

Who can apply for a new water service connection?
- The owner of the property or any authorized representative can apply for the new water service connection.

How can I apply for a new water service connection?
- You can start off by submitting the following requirements:

• Duly accomplished application form (Click here to download form)
• Valid ID of both the owner and the representative (photocopy)
• Barangay Clearance
• Proof of Billing (ex. Meralco, Globe)
• Application fee: (Php 7,840.00)

Are there other requirements needed?
- In other cases, you need to submit:

• Right of Way from the lot owner (if the service connection will pass through a private property).
• Excavation Permit (if needed)
• Contract of Lease (If lessee)
• Copy of Transfer of certificate of title (TCT) or Deed of Sale (if property is acquired).

How can I change the ownership/name of the account in Laguna Water?
- Below are the requirements you need for change of ownership/name.

• Duly accomplished application form
• Valid ID (photocopy)
• Transfer of ownership documents
• Authorization letter from the owner (if tenant)
• Proof of Billing

In the event that the property is vacant and the water service is not in use unless otherwise the owner voluntarily requests for disconnection, all charges will continue to be billed which includes minimum charge and/or other charges if there is any.

Senior Citizen Discount

How can I apply for a senior citizen discount?
- To apply for a senior citizen discount, you need to submit the following:

• Duly accomplished application for senior citizen discount form 
• Senior Citizen Identification Card 
• Statement of Account (SOA) that shows consumption less than 30 cubic meters for 3 consecutive months

Discount is applicable for water service connection that is under the name of the senior citizen.