Laguna Water Holds a Public Consultation on Wastewater Services

Photo on Left (L-R): Laguna Water Operations Head Rodel V. Del Rosario, Dr. Noel G. Sabino, Dr. Marissa J. Sobremisana, Laguna Water Business Operations Head Sol N. Dimayuga, and Laguna Water General Manager Melvin John M. Tan. Upper Right Photo: Laguna Water’s TSEK ng Bayan Team. Lower Right Photo: Laguna Water dances to the company’s desludging services jingle, Poopoo song.

Sanitation plays an important role in the health and well-being of people and in the conservation of the environment. But more than that, it is an avenue that uplifts human dignity.

Addressing the lack of public awareness about the importance of adequate sanitation, Laguna Water, an authorized water and wastewater services provider in the Province of Laguna, held a public consultation on wastewater services entitled Tamang Sanitasyon Equals Kalusugan, Kalinisan, at Kaunlaran ng Bayan (TSEK ng Bayan): Laguna Water’s Sanitation Summit 2017 last March 8 at Max's Balibago, Santa Rosa, Laguna. 

Most people view sanitation as having toilet facilities and practicing proper hygiene. What is not known to many is that proper sanitation should include the treatment of the wastewater produced from human activities such as using the toilet, taking a bath, and washing the dishes, among others.

Communicating the need for proper wastewater treatment, TSEK ng Bayan focused on how the simple desludging of septic tanks will benefit the nation. To strengthen the discussion, Laguna Water invited experts from the fields of microbiology and environmental science to talk about how wastewater impacts the health of people, sustainability of natural resources, and the economic development of the nation.

Dr. Noel G. Sabino, Assistant Professor VII from the Institute of Biological Science, University of Philippines Los Banos (UPLB) shared how improper management of septic tanks can lead to the contamination of drinking water. While Dr. Marissa J. Sobremisana, University Extension Specialist II from the School of Environmental Science and Management, UPLB, discussed the effects of wastewater to the natural bodies of water such as the Laguna Lake. 

TSEK ng Bayan served as an avenue to consult the public regarding Laguna Water’s desludging services, which will be offered this year. During the summit, Rheena Paola B. Go, Used Water Operations Manager, shared Laguna Water’s solutions for adequate sanitation and plans on how sanitation will be made available to all, even to those families belonging to the Base of the Pyramid.

Laguna Water received positive feedback regarding its wastewater services. One of the attendees noted that the said service will not only benefit today’s generation but will be more beneficial for future generations. Another also said that with the relevant information shared during the summit, it is now their duty to help educate other people and encourage them to desludge their septic tanks every five years.

“Sanitation is a need, a right, and a responsibility of everyone. Each one of us has an important role to play in ensuring that access to proper sanitation is available and accessible to all,” said Laguna Water Regulatory and External Affairs Head Mark F. Mesina.

Laguna Water is a successful public-private partnership between the Provincial Government of Laguna and Manila Water Philippine Ventures, a wholly-owned company by Manila Water Company Inc. (Manila Water), the Ayala-led water service provider in the East Zone of Metro Manila and a leader in the water industry in the Philippines, with presence in Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia.

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