Sustainable Programs

The continuing growth of Laguna Water is directly related to the development of the communities we serve. Our shared vision of advancing social welfare, sustaining economic growth and assuring environmental well-being is the catalyst to the mutual progress we experience.

Advancing Social Welfare

Compounding the need to provide solution to unsafe water supply is the influx of immigrants. Over the years, the Province of Laguna has been generously hosting thousands of people to ease the congestion in Metro Manila. Among them are   informal settlers who reside along riverbanks, railroad tracks, and other areas that needed clearing. Lack of clean water needed to be dealt with considering the rapidly growing population and incidences of water-borne diseases.

Given this, Laguna Water invested in water projects to provide access to clean and continuous piped water to these communities taking into consideration the physical environment and the financial capabilities of the residents using the Tubig Para sa Barangay (TPSB).

For the locals and immigrants who deserve comfort in their changing environment, the Province is already equipped to provide safe and sustainable water supply, through its partner, Laguna Water.

Increasing access to clean water in schools

The Lingap Eskwela (Water for Schools) is among the many programs of Laguna Water which manifests its innate caring nature particularly for those in the sectors of society who are economically challenged.  In a place where access to clean and affordable water supply is a rarity due to problems on water supply development, public institutions, among them are public schools, appear to be taking the brunt of the water woes. Laguna Water came up with a strategy in coordination with concerned stakeholders to connect public schools to Laguna Water’s pipe network.

Similar to the situation in all public schools in the service area, maintenance of deep well facilities is entrusted to   the ill-equipped maintenance staff to minimize operational costs. In the absence of a professional service provider, this kind of arrangement is not only wanting but likewise dangerous, as children may be exposed to water- borne diseases.

In partnership with Manila Water Foundation, the social development arm of Manila Water, Laguna Water waived the water connection fees for public schools. Aside from this, the support package includes rehabilitation of toilets, construction of drinking fountains and regular monitoring of water quality.

So far, nine public schools or about 20,000 students and teachers have benefitted from this project. In the years ahead, Laguna Water foresees the continuing increase in the number of beneficiaries due to the inclusion of private schools in the program.

Protecting the Natural Resources

Laguna water’s advocacy regarding environmental protection and its adherence to sustainable development emanates from its vision statement. Likewise, the Corporate Governance principles of Laguna Water is very clear in acknowledging the need for the well-being of the natural environment that supports the Company. Water conservation, operational efficiency and wise use of energy are thus made integral in the company’s   processes as these are essential in shaping the business model.