What you need to know:

  1. Water Service Connections

    Who can apply for a new water service connection?
    - The owner of the property or any authorized representative can apply for the new water service connection.

    How can I apply for a new water service connection?
    - You can start off by submitting the following requirements:

    • Duly accomplished application form (Click here to download form)
    • Valid ID of both the owner and the representative (photocopy)
    • Barangay Clearance
    • Proof of Billing (ex. Meralco, Globe)
    • Application fee: (Php 7,740.00)

    Are there other requirements needed?
    - In other cases, you need to submit:

    • Right of Way from the lot owner (if the service connection will pass through a private property).
    • Excavation Permit (if needed)
    • Contract of Lease (If lessee)
    • Copy of Transfer of certificate of title (TCT) or Deed of Sale (if property is acquired).

    How can I change the ownership/name of the account in Laguna Water?
    - Below are the requirements you need for change of ownership/name.

    • Duly accomplished application form
    • Valid ID (photocopy)
    • Transfer of ownership documents
    • Authorization letter from the owner (if tenant)
    • Proof of Billing

    In the event that the property is vacant and the water service is not in use unless otherwise the owner voluntarily requests for disconnection, all charges will continue to be billed which includes minimum charge and/or other charges if there is any.

  2. Senior Citizen Discount

    How can I apply for a senior citizen discount?
    - To apply for a senior citizen discount, you need to submit the following:

    • Duly accomplished application for senior citizen discount form
    • Senior Citizen Identification Card
    • Statement of Account (SOA) that shows consumption less than 30 cubic meters for 3 consecutive months

    Discount is applicable for water service connection that is under the name of the senior citizen.

  3. Reconnection and Disconnection

    What will be the grounds for the disconnection of my account?
    - Disconnection may happen due to the following reasons:

    • Failure to pay on or before due date
    • Previous unpaid amount
    • Non-compliance on a previous agreement (Promissory Note)
    • Presence of illegal connection

    How to request for temporary disconnection of my account?
    You can request for temporary disconnection given the following steps:

    • Visit the Laguna Water head office or call customer service hotline to inquire for your account.
    • Provide written request for temporary disconnection
    • Settle a full payment of the Outstanding balance (OB).
    • Request for the temporary disconnection of the water service after balance has been settled.

    How to request for reconnection of my account?
    - You can request for reconnection given the following steps:

    • Settle a full payment or 30% of the OB with promissory note.
            - Sealed/Padlock – Php300.00
            - Pulled out meter – Php 500.00
            - Mainline - Php 2,500.00
    • Upon payment of all the required fees, contact the Customer Service Hotline numbers to process the re-opening.
            - Sealed/Padlocked – 48 hours
            - Pulled out meter – 7 days
            - Mainline – 7 days

    My account is disconnected even if I have already paid my bill.
    - This may happen due to previous unpaid amount.
    - Payment was made after the due date.

  4. Meter Related Concerns

    Why does the meter dial continue to spin even if it is not in use?
    - If the meter dial continues to spin even if you’re not using it, there is a possible Underground Leak (UGL).

    How to detect UGL:
    • Turn off all faucets, outlets and water-using appliances.
    • Open the water meter’s cover so that you can see the gauge.
    • Look at the dial on your water meter, if the dial is still moving (watch it for at least 10 minutes), it means you have underground leak.

    Why is the meter dial not spinning even if the water is being used?
    - If the meter dial is not spinning, the meter may be defective. You can report to Laguna Water Head Office or through Laguna Water hotline numbers.

    Can I request for a new meter?
    - Yes, you can request for a meter is proven to be defective or damaged otherwise, you may have to pay for the replacement.

    How can I report Stolen Meter?
    - You can report a stolen meter through the following steps:
            • Call Laguna Water hotline within 24 hours upon discovery of the incident
            • Secure barangay blotter and submit to Laguna Water head office within 24 hours

    The replacement of the stolen meter shall be free of charge. If the incident happens for the second time (or more) it shall have a corresponding charge.

    Other Legal Basis
    Customer will be accountable for doing illegal matters based on the Anti-Pilferage Measures of Republic Act 8041 which stated that:
    All forms of illegalities (ie. meter tampering, illegal re-opening of water meter or stub-out, by-pass connection, etc.) have corresponding charges and penalties and may be punishable by imprisonment.

  5. Billing Related Concerns

    What are the possible reasons in the abrupt increase of my water bill?
    - Reasons for abrupt increase in water bill:

    • Increased number of users
    • Leak after the meter
    • Erroneous reading by the meter reader
    • Defective meter

    What are the reasons why I am charged for an average consumption rate?

    Reasons for charging average consumption charge:
    • There is an obstruction in reading the meter
    • The meter is defective

    Why does an unpaid amount which I have settled previously still reflect on my bill?
    • The balance was settled after due date
    • The payment may have been posted erroneously to another account

    (In this case, visit the Laguna Water head office and show the receipt for validation)

    What happens if I have over payment?
    Over payment will be credited to your account and reflected to your SOA, marked as cr (credit).

  6. Tariff Table

    What is the current Tariff Table?

    Tariff Table as of November 2015:

      Residential B
    Residential A Commercial B Commercial A
    10 cu.m or less 181.28 226.53 271.92 362.56
    11 - 20 cu.m. 19.03 23.77 28.54 38.06
    21 - 30 cu.m. 19.53 24.40 29.06 38.76
    31 - 40 cu.m. 20.53 25.65 29.44 39.26
    41 - 50 cu.m. 21.03 26.27 29.81 39.76
    Over 50 cu.m. 21.73 27.15 30.79 41.06