Business Area

Laguna Water’s operations include water sourcing, treatment, and distribution of potable water. The service area covers the cities of Biñan, Sta. Rosa and Cabuyao with a total of 60 barangays and a population of about 900,000 as of end of 2014. Coverage in terms of population as of reporting date is at 60 percent. Laguna Water also provides used water services but are limited to the locators within the Laguna Technopark Inc. complex.

Laguna Technopark Operations

Laguna Water started the water and used water operations in Laguna Technopark Inc. (LTI) on January 1, 2014. The transfer of water and used water operations and management from Laguna Technopark Administration (Ayala Land Inc.) to Laguna Water was concluded based on each company’s core competency. Being both under the Ayala Corporation, Ayala Land Inc.’s expertise is on real estate and Laguna Water’s expertise is on the provision of water and used water services; hence, the transfer.

With less than two years of operations in LTI, Laguna Water managed to increase the available supply from 40 Million Liters per Day to 46 million liters per day. This was done through capital investments to increase the available water supply. In addition, Laguna Water has also executed network and equipment efficiency projects to increase our level of service. Series of projects are still on the line in support to the growing businesses and water demand of LTI locators. To date, we have committed to two of LTI’s major accounts on their request to increase their water supply allocation.

Laguna Water continuously seeks to understand the water requirement of our customers in LTI holistically. not just in terms of the water supply volume but also in terms of the water quality requirement. We have learned that majority of the locators in LTI has cooling towers and/or boilers to support their operations. Since LTI’s water supply comes from deep wells, raw water supply naturally has high silica content which poses maintenance problems to the earlier mentioned equipment.