Our Services

Laguna Water is a public-private partnership between the Provincial Government of Laguna and Manila Water, a water and used water subsidiary of the Ayala Group, one of the most respected and trusted conglomerates in the Philippines with a diversified business portfolio.

We are a global company with a localized approach. We believe in empowering our people with a customer-centric mindset in providing quality services and sustainable solutions.

Laguna Water is your partner in sustaining future generations.

We provide our customers with piped-in water supply that meets the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water of the Department of Health. This means our water is safe and fit for drinking and other water related activities.

We also provide water supply to our industrial customers, particularly at Laguna Technopark, Inc. (LTI) in their mission to sustain the critical production process through our sufficient water supply.

Our goal is to provide the entire province of Laguna with a 24-hour supply at a minimum pressure of 7 psi (pounds per square inch).

Used Water
Aside from providing potable domestic water and quality industrial water, Laguna Water provides used water services to its customers at LTI. We plan to expand our expertise in used water treatment to our customers outside LTI as soon as possible.

Non-Revenue Water
Laguna Water started its operation at 47% Non-Revenue Water (NRW), water that has been produced and is lost before it reaches the customer. In just 5 years, we reduced it to just 12% NRW, surpassing the global recommended NRW of 20%. Laguna Water continuously develops valuable expertise in NRW Management.

Laguna Water is now extending its NRW management and leak detection skills to other companies to help them address their own water losses.

For more information on Laguna Water’s NRW Management services, you may contact your Territory Managers stipulated in your respective Billing Statements.

Other Services
Laguna Water also provides other services to customers and companies to help them address their specific needs, namely:

A. Water Tankering Services
B. Water and Used Water Testing Services
C. Technical Assistance and Consultancy Services
D. Operation and Maintenance of Water and Used Water Systems