Our People

Board of Directors
Laguna Water Board of Directors is composed of nine members—three from the Provincial Government of Laguna, and six from Manila Water, the parent company of Manila Water Philippine Ventures. Each member of the board is nominated guided by the following conditions:

  • The person to sit as Chairman of the Board should be from the PGL
  • The president should come from Manila Water
  • Both the Treasurer and General Manager, though not part of the Board of Directors, should be nominated by the members of the PGL and Manila Water, respectively.

Board meetings are conducted every quarter or whenever urgent matters arise.

Executive Committee
Laguna Water has an Executive Committee with three members, all of whom are members of the Board. Similar to the process undertaken in the selection of the Board of Directors, the number of members of the Executive Committee complies with the 70/30 arrangement between PGL and Manila Water and thus, two are from Manila Water and one from the PGL. The Committee acts on matters beyond the powers vested to the General Manager level even without the consent of the Board of Directors. The Committee holds meetings every quarter unless otherwise convened to tackle urgent issues.

Our Leadership Team

Virgilio C. Rivera Jr.

Melvin John M. Tan
General Manager
Chief Operating Officer

Sol Teresita N. Dimayuga
Business Operations Head

Rolando D. Sumallo Jr.
Finance Head

Mark F. Mesina
Concurrent Regulatory and External Affairs Head

Felipe A. Fradejas Jr.
Project Management and Technical Services Head

Rodel V. Del Rosario
Operations Head

Reginald M. Andal
Human Resources Head

Real C. Magtangob
New Business Head