Water Distribution

Network and Distribution System
Laguna Water’s network and distribution system are composed of transmission lines, distribution lines, and reservoirs all designed to bring potable water to our customers.

Since 2009, and as of 2015, Laguna Water has laid and maintained over 667 kilometers of pipelines all over the cities of Biñan, Santa Rosa and Cabuyao. Moreover, 99 percent of currently served areas have a water supply pressure of 10 psi and above, made possible by the continuous implementation of technical solutions such as supply and pressure management. Average pressure for the entire service coverage is at 15 psi, which is significantly better than the 10 psi regulatory target.

Water Sampling and Laboratory Analysis
To ensure that the water delivered to the customers satisfies regulatory standards on quality, the Company’s Laboratory Services Section processes an average of around 200 water samples from the distribution network per month. The samples are collected on a regular basis from strategically located sampling points all over the cities of Biñan, Santa Rosa, and Cabuyao. This number of sampling points surpasses the regulatory requirement and all results of the sampling have been consistently 100% compliant with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW), five percent (5%) above the requirement.

Samples are then tested in the Company’s DOH accredited laboratory against the physical, chemical and bacteriological parameters.

On a monthly basis, Laguna Water reports the water quality testing results to the City Health Offices of Biñan, Santa Rosa and Cabuyao as well as to the Provincial Health Office of Laguna.

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Laguna Water customers may also bring a sample of their water to the laboratory for testing.